Thursday, 9 June 2011

Germans group stages protest in Athens, demanding payment of WWII reparations

A group of German citizens gathered in protest outside the German Embassy in Athens on Monday to demand that German authorities pay Greece war reparations for Nazi atrocities committed during World War II.

Based in Hamburg, the group "Distomo" is made up mainly of German citizens and relatives of the victims of German occupation troops in Greece.
Members of the group stressed that the amount due in restitution for atrocities plus interest comes to the sum of 126 billion euro, or roughly one third of Greece's total debt.
According to veteran Greek politician Manolis Glezos, who is head of an organisation seeking payment of the German reparations to Greece, Germany has a financial and moral obligation toward Greece and the total sum due, if one added unpaid war reparations, a loan that Greece was forced to make to Axis forces during its occupation and the damage to the Greek economy during that period, is as high as 1.5 trillion euro.
The Distomo group's lawyers Martin Klinger and Gabriele Heinecke stressed that Germany had an obligation to withdraw its appeal at the International Court of Justice against an Italian court ruling awarding compensation to relatives of the victims of the Distomo Massacre.


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