Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Member of the Hellenic Parliament and PASOK goes independent!

Mr. Lianis

A few hours ago Mr Lianis, a member of the Hellenic Parliament and PASOK, (the party which is now goverment) went independend. The reason is that Mr Lianis (among other members of the parliament) is opposing to the new Memorandum that Mr Papandreou and Mr Papakonstantinou is about to impose to Greece (Hellas) and Greeks (Hellenes)!

Papandreou - Papoulias

This action of Mr Lianis triggers a series of events. The first one is the emergency meeting between Mr. Papandreou and Mr. Papoulias tomorrow (rumors say that Mr Papandreou will announce elections). The second is that many members of the parliament will follow Mr Lianis on his way to independence.

No matter what, the situation in Greece (Hellas) is critical. 

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