Sunday, 24 July 2011

Greece a planetary power through CDS!

If Greece falls the world economy falls because of the CDSs. A credit event in Greece triggers the CDSs payment and the collapse of the world' s biggest banks that have issued CDSs because the amount of money that has to be paid DOES NOT EXIST (at least in these banks) see how the AIG collapsed!

Capitalists sold the rope to Greece! The capitalistic greed turned a zero economy into a ruling factor through the fear of a credit event!

This makes Greece (Hellas) a world economy ruling factor. This makes Greece (Hellas) "planetary power". A weapon for negotiation that the Papandreou dictatorship is not willing to use. And why should he? He is a servant of global governance!

An Aegean full of oil and natural gas in the hands of IMF, EU and ECB (global governance).
But Greeks (Hellenes) have the last word!

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