Friday, 8 July 2011

Greece at WAR!


Jean-Claude Juncker: “The sovereignty of

Greece will be massively limited.”


Greece is at war! No doubt about it! An article came up two weeks ago in EPIKAIRA magazine, revealing a plan by western secret services and Mossad to kill former Greek prime minister K. Karamanlis! The reason is the effort for independent greek policy in foreign affairs and the energy sector. Greece (Hellas) had to be punished for this. For the veto in Nato Conference and the "close" relations with Russia in the energy and military field! 

This article also reveals the methods, used by the "dark forces", of destroying a nation-country!

These methods are: 

1. Political destabilization (revealing political scandals).

2. Operating (bussines) destabilization using Credit Rating Agencies (Moody's, S&P, Fitch).

3. Social destabilization (acts of terrorism) and disturbance (Athens December 2008).

4. Blockaging foreign policy (bad results in all of the state issues (Turkey,Fyrom, greek Visa to US etc.))

This is exactly what happened to Greece (Hellas) the last three years!

Over 50000 articles with offensive descriptions about Greeks (Hellenes) and Greece (Hellas) were written in the world press in 2010 as a result of the economic crisis. We all witnessed  a rutheless anti-hellenic campaign, especially from german mainstream media! 
Have you wondered why, at the same time that many countries in Europe (Germany included) are in a similar fate, Greece is the one to blame? The "lazy" Greeks (Hellenes) while at the same time Eurostat says Greeks (Hellenes) work more than any other European and Germany is included in THE WORLD'S BIGGEST DEBTOR NATIONS list of CNBC.COM



Capitalism is in deep crisis. Many believe Its end is near! The question that' s been bothering the world' s greatest minds is "what after?". Two are the possibilities.

1. A true democratic - socialistic society,

2. A replacement of capitalism with a cruel feudal system. Revival of slavery because the "elites" are not willing to lose power. 

Choice number two is what the rulling "elites" choose!
So in order to have a succesful plan, all possible IDEAS or sources of resistance must be cleared. Greeks (Hellenes) are first in line! For their way of living through centuries and for what greek (hellenic) thinking stands for! Greeks (Hellenes) are people (proved) who emphasize FREEDOM. Greek (hellenic) philosophy puts MAN ABOVE ALL!

Above all material things stands MAN!

The right subject of a man's stydy is man himself and his absolute good!

Greeks have always stood up against each time's superpowers. From Marathon (490 bC) and Salamis (480 bC) to Alexander the Great who defeated the Persian Empire, Byzantium which had been the protective wall of the "weak" medieval Europe and yet again in the 1940's against the Italian facism and Hitler's 3rd Reich. They have always been the factor that ruined the dreams of world domination of some idiots, "great kings", fascists, Nazis etc. Along with greek (Hellenic) victory, great eras of mankind took place. The Greek (Hellenic)  Classical period (479bC-323bC), the Hellenistic Period (323 bC-146 bC), the Byzantine Period (324 ad-1453 ad) gave man Philosophy, democracy, science, libraries, arts, alphabet and even language (it is estimated that 46% of the european languages consist of greek words and routes ex. music, musica, muzik... Europe, Europa...land...etc.) Imagine what a greek defeat in the field of Marathon could possibly mean for civilization as we know it! 

Now a new enemy is ahead. It is called NWO (new world order)! The Greek factor though still remains. In order NWO to prevail, Greece (Hellas) must be exterminated! This new enemy is better prepared than the previous ones. The "Great King" has studied the plan well. How do you vanish a 5000 year old nation? They know that war in its pure form is out of the question. It happened before with zero results. Guns would unify Greeks (Hellenes). Guns would make the rest of the world to stand by them! 

Greece (Hellas) is not just a geographic spot on the map that has to be vanished. Greece (Hellas) is an idea! It stands everywhere you look. In your language, in the terms of politics, medicine, astronomy, astrology, mechanics, theology, philosophy, mathematics. Europe is a greek (hellenic) name! Democracy is a greek (hellenic) word-invention, politics is a greek (hellenic) word, metron, polis, music, planet, galaxy, even crisis is a greek (hellenic) word, and goes on and on! All the world's major museums (greek word from Muse meaning the space-room dedicated to the Muses -godesses of arts) exist because they exhibit (stolen) greek (hellenic) antiquities!

Well, because Greece (Hellas) is an idea it is hard to be defeated. Ideas are superpowers! Greece is a superpower (super=υπέρ) and that is how it should be dealed!

How do you destroy an idea? 
By spoiling it!
How do you vanish ethically (from greek word ethos=ήθος) a nation that gave manking so much? 
By creating a timeline point that inverts all of its contribution! Example: In 490 bC Brave Greeks created civilization as we know it in the battlefield of Marathon. In 2010 ad the "Lazy" "Corrupted" Greeks destroyed western prosperity!

Attacking Greece (Hellas) is attacking ideas such as freedom and logic. Is like attacking DEMOCRACY. What better for world domination based on modern slavery and stupidity? Greek (hellenic) thinking in general is thinking of free men. And free men are the "enemy of the state". 

The master minds of global domination use the usual suspects as their puppets to forward their sick plan. In this case (like the previous two) it is the German- Anglo Saxonic axis (Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, USA, England along with their satellites such as Finland, Sweden). They hide behind them. They use them through the mass media propaganda and their Credit Rating Agencies. They divide Europe between the "good" North Europeans and the "lazy" Southerns. The "good" German- Anglo saxonic race versus the "bad" Greeks, Spanish, Italians, Portugueses, Irish.

Greece (Hellas) unlike the other nations is not a Catholic or a Protestant nation. It is a deep belief of northern Europeans that Orthodox Greece (hellas) -like Serbia- is not a part of their culture. A belief that is being cultivated for at least four centuries now! A proof of that is the suggestion of many, that European history should not start form Greece (Hellas), but it should start from Charles the Great! So among the PIIGS, Greece is the easier and most suitable to strike!

Along with a possible greek (hellenic) defeat (which i am sure won't happen) the path will open wide for others to follow! It is crucial that mankind realise that this is mainly a WAR OF IDEAS! A WAR AGAINST MANKIND! Freedom against slavery, logic against stupidity, man against profit etc.

Mainstream media are modern weapons of this war! Characterizing a whole nation in the most offensive way, they drive public opininion whereever they want. The monetery system seeks profit and profit creates slaves!


That' s what it' s all about folks!

You stand by GREECE (HELLAS), you stand by yourself!

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