Thursday, 15 November 2012

How much is a life?

11-11-2012: A man killed himself with a broken glass, cutting his throat in front of a crowded square. He died in a lake of blood. A friend of mine was there, talking to that 30 year old man until he passed away. Another victim of the "crisis". Another mother's son dead to so as the banks to be saved! This is our 21st century civilization!!!

11-13-2012A 35 year old woman jumped from the roof ending such her life as she couldn't stand to financial problems she was facing.΄

11-14-2012: Brutally chose the 20 year old girl to put an end to her life. After the horror of the tragedy revealed in a dark strait of Melissia territory in Athens. The 20 year-old girl who was unemployed ablaze herself.

Around 9 pm Tuesday, the police informed that residents near the Melissia territory, behind the hospital Amalia Fleming, heard a woman screaming in the darkness and saw a flash while listening to one muffled noise. Some perceived a black object was stationary on the road. The more adventurous who approached froze at the sight of the charred corpse. This morning a middle-aged neighbor went to declare the disappearance of a 20-year daughter. He was shown the gruesome forensic photography. The father acknowledged weeping his daughter. According to what have become known, the victim was an unemployed girl who lived on the Mavromichalis street . (source: enikos.gr)

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