Monday, 19 November 2012

The german talent: the talent of making enemies

The talent of making enemies

Nikos Kiaos from the Journal of the authors of 5/11/2012

The trump card is the card that wins everything else. One such card was "offered" by the leaders of China to Greece to play the game with their partners- lenders, the European Commission, and the IMF.
How did they offer it? The Chinese Prime Minister clarified, one month ago, to the German Chancellor that if the eurozone does not keep Greece within it, then China country would immediately sell all the European bonds it holds.
Even stressed that China has made investments in Greece of 30 billion euros, with a plan to do more than  40 billion EUR in Europe. Not to proceed, he said, to an exit of Greece from the eurozone, otherwise there will be a clear problem with the German investments and securities in China.
Greek media remained silent, or rather concealed the threat made by Beijing to Germany. Not all. Only in the "VIMA" of October 21 N. Hilas wrote: "On Thursday (18 -10 -2012) in the Bundestag the Left (Die Linke) parliamentary party spokesman Gregor Gizi revealed the threat that China will sell immediately all Europe's debt if the eurozone fails to keep Greece with in the lines. "
What we did not read or heard in Greece, was "offered" by the Germans. The "Stern" magazine  on 11/10/12 reported the threat made by the Chinese prime minister, explainig thus the shift in the attitude of Ms Merkel towards Greece and remarked: "It is the trump card of Greece and they do not exploit it."
After Mrs. Merkel, Mr. Schäuble said on 14/10/12 in Singapore that "Greece will not go bankrupt." Returning from Tokyo, the meeting of the IMF and the contacts with Chinese and other ... The shift of Chancellor was expressed in the German parliament as the warmest praise for the "reform will" of Prime Minister Samaras, while the leader of the Christian Social Union of Bavaria, who was in favor of Greece leaving the eurozone, now smiled awkwardly ..
On 17/10/12 the "Bertelsman Foundation", the most serious in Germany, in a report said that the exit of Greece from the euro would cost in the best case scenario, 615 billion euros in Germany and in the worst 17 trillion euros worldwide.
The "puzzle" or the frame is filled with the statement of the head of Unicredit Bank, T. Vime, "VIMA": "I do not know even one serious banker who would like to fly the country from the eurozone. Quite the opposite, in fact we feared that Greece would decide itself the 'Exit'."
Meanwhile, we hear constantly in Athens by the three government partners, the radios, televisions and newspapers for "negotiations." Yet the "trump card" that "Stern" says , remains untapped. Incompetence, negligence, subjection, lost opportunity? Let this attitude be interpreted as one thinks.

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