Thursday, 15 November 2012

The German Consul hunted by workers in Greece

A warm welcome accorded to the envoy of Angela Merkel, Hans Fouchtel, employees in municipalities out of the Thessaloniki International Exhibition.

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The "fire" was lit after the statement of Hans Joachim Fouchtel that "1,000 Germans  can do the job of 3,000 Greeks" today in Thessaloniki, the second day of the proceedings of the third Greco-German Assembly, protesters who had gathered in the building of the  Thessaloniki International Exhibition, attacked members of the German delegation with water bottles, hunting the German consul, Wolfgang Hoelscher-Obermaier.

The demonstrators had gathered from early morning to protest for the statements of Fouchtel and managed to enter the site in attendance of members of the Assembly of unguarded area of ​​the TIF.


The arrogance of the Germans against the Greeks has generated much anti German feeling of the Greek people, which most likely will not have good results!

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