Thursday, 8 November 2012

Parliament passes urgent austerity package by slim margin

poverty is the worse kind of violence

Greece's Parliament in the early morning hours on Thursday passed a Memorandum-mandated austerity package worth 13.5 billion euros that envisions further cuts in public sector salary scales, pensions and tax hikes, along with labour sector liberalisation and the opening of various so-called "closed" occupations.

The single-article draft bill was ratified in the 300-MP Parliament with a majority of 153 votes for and 128 against, with 18 voting present. Only one MP did not vote.

While the assembly met in the parliament, thousands of protesters had encircled, by early evening, Syntagma Square. The planned rally of GSEE and ADEDY was impressive in volume and pulse with the participation of the world beyond all precedent.

Unfortunately once the Syntagma Square gathering "marred" by hooded various episodes.



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